Tara Tainton - Your Prim and Proper Mother Struggles to Deliver a Very Important Message

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Description: Synopsis
Hi, honey... I'm glad we have a moment for... just a quick discussion. You see... this is very hard for me to... um... talk about. I... well, I've noticed - now that you're dating - that you seem to prefer... that you choose... well, that you go out with BAD GIRLS, girls with BAD reputations. Well, you see, that's not what... well, not at all... I didn't imagine you'd... honey, I want you to date shy, religious girls. Yes, I think that's most appropriate. For, I just don't see why you'd even rather... Oh... OH!!! Honey, I can't believe you just described that TO YOUR MOTHER! Oh, oh... oh... my ears are burning! No, no, okay, okay... well, honey, I think you should only be dating NICE girls, the kind that might... give you... a goodnight kiss... AT MOST. Do you understand? And then, if you find yourself... at the end of a date... *stressed* ...or something... I can, your mother can, take care of it. Do you understand? Would you like me to give you a sample? ...I'm so glad we could make this little deal together...

Tara is mostly talking to the viewer about the above scenario. She wants her son to date 'nice' girls instead of ones with bad reputations. To help the deal she will help 'relieve your stress' after not getting sex with nice girls. As a prim and proper mother she is feeling awkward having to resort to this but whatever it takes to keep her son safe. It is mostly fully clothed but she takes her breasts out near the end to help him finish.
As a fetish clip there is no other traditional sexual content of any kind besides her breasts and a simulated handjob to completion.
Models: Tara Tainton