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Description: Mom Gets Blackmailed By Her Son Part 1

I got to go home early from school the other day and when i walked up to the house i noticed a car in the driveway that wasn't my mom or dads. when i walked inside i heard someone moaning and it was coming from my parent bedroom. i crept closer to the door and what i saw shocked me, my mom was bouncing up and down on my best friend's dad's dick! i didn't know what to think but for some reason the only i could think to do was film it, while filming my cheating mother something else happened, i got a raging hard on. the next day the only thing i could think about was my hot sex mom and how awesome it would be to fuck her. so when i got home from school i found mom in the kitchen and confronted her, she of course denied it and got angry at me for evening thinking she would do something like that. then i showed her the video and her face turned white with panic! she tried to grab my phone and told me to delete the video, i said no and i told her i already had it back up somewhere else. she asked me what i wanted to delete the video, she offered me money, a car and anything else i wanted. i told her i wanted her to do to me what she did to the guy in the video, i wanted to fuck her. she got angry and said NO! i told her id let her think about it. i found mom in the living room later on and asked her what she decided. she offered a Handjob and i figured that was a good starting point so she went and got some lube and took my pants off and sat down on the couch. she came back and was a little stunned to see me with dick in my hand on the couch. she was a total bitch the whole time but my mom jerked me off and it felt like a dream! she thought we were all good but i told her id want some more tomorrow!

This is part 1 of Mom Blackmailed By Her Son, this series stars Helena Price. this is a POV Taboo Milf Blackmail Handjob scene.

Mom Gets Blackmailed By Her Son Part 2

When i got home from school all i could think about was find my mom and making her do some more naughty stuff. i caught her cheating on my dad and filmed it and the other day i confronted her about it. i told her if she didn't do what i wanted then i would show everyone the video, she was pissed but in the end she agreed. i made her strip to her bra and panties and give me a handjob, boy did it feel amazing! i found mom reading in her bedroom, i came in and said hi, needless to say mom wasn't happy to see. she asked if i deleted the video yet and i said no, i wanted to have some more fun first. i made mom strip to just her panties so i could see her beautiful tits and then told her she had to suck my dick. she was pissed and tried to fight it but in the end my cheating whore of a mother swallowed my nut!

This is part 2 of Mom Blackmailed By Her Son, this series stars Helena Price. this is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Cuckold Blackmail Blowjob scene.

Mom Gets Blackmailed By Her Son Part 3

I went into my parents bedroom to say goodnight to mom, we haven't been on the best terms since i caught her cheating and started blackmailing her for sexual favors. when i walked into her room she was laying on the bed in a sexy nighties and she looked kinda upset. i asked what was wrong and she told me she wanted to surprise dad with some naughty fun but he just called and said he was working late. i figured this was my chance to have some more fun, mom was horny and sad and i still had some dirt on her. it didnt take much convince/ blackmailing before mom was riding my dick like the horny slut she is, thanks for working late dad!

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