Xev Bellringer - Mommy's One Condition

Duration: 29:45 Views: 14K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: After some conversation, Xev (as your mother), does some light masturbation, and then transitions into a short virtual blowjob, ending with a virtual oral creampie. After that, the scene continues with some lengthy virtual sex with Xev riding you, with two virtual creampies.

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He grew up so much faster than I thought. No more time for his mother on the beach or at the movies together... he's growing away from me. It's what any young man naturally wants, but not this soon. I can't let him go. Not yet. Not when I smell his father's cologne on him before his big night out. He's looking to impress some girl. Some high school hussie. My poor boy doesn't understand just how dangerous all of those desires are, to be close to a girl... to touch her... to do more to her. He doesn't need a girl after all, he needs a woman. And not just any woman. He needs his mother. I know what boys his age want... and I will be sure to give it to him before his date, whether he likes it or not, over and over and over again until he is completely drained of all his urges...
Models: Xev Bellringer