Xev Bellringer - Mommy's Tight Vagina

Duration: 30:15 Views: 10K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Fun roleplay with mother and her son, where mother needs her son to fuck her in different positions cowgirl, and missionary to spread open his mothers vagina from being completely closed up,

(1080p) You would do anything for Mommy, right? No matter how unspeakably wrong it is? If your father wasn't stuck at the office, I would never ask this of you, but I desperately need my son right now. Those pills I've been taking are an experimental drug that change my body... they make my vagina tighter than ever before. Honey... I need to ask this terrible favor of you. I didn't know your father would be gone, but you need to take his place just this once. If I don't have sex soon, my vagina will keep squeezing tighter and close up completely!! I need you to get your cock hard for Mommy this very moment, and I'll do whatever it takes to turn you on. Just please... try not to look at my naked breasts for longer than you have to. We can't waste any more time! You HAVE to let me put it in, just... it's OHH!!! It's so tight, I can barely fit it!! Honey, don't thrust into your mother! And under NO circumstances are you allowed to cum inside of me! OHHHH!! You MUST stop yourself from cumming for as long as possible... please... ohhh!
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