Xev Bellringer - Being Inside Mommy's Mouth

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Description: Xev Bellringer - Being Inside Mommy's Mouth

My sweet son, touching himself in my room when he thought I had left for yoga. What a naughty boy. But he wasn't a boy anymore, growing up so fast... exploring himself every day in his mother's bed. He wanted what he couldn't say, what no boy can admit, to be close to Mommy. He doesn't need to say it, I'll give my son exactly what he needs... right now.

Even if it takes a little pushing to keep him from hiding his erect penis in his shorts, to tell me what he imagines when he strokes himself... to admit his mother is pretty like the girls he thinks about. Especially Mommy's big breasts... I playfully unbutton the shirt and let my boy touch and bounce my hefty bosom. His eager penis stiffens. Mommy wants to know what else makes him feel good.

He misses all of those sweet, loving kisses his mother used to shower him with. My lips meet his gently as I lay ontop of him, his erection pushing into me. He desperately wants to touch himself, but Mommy's here to help... to show him how good these lips can feel on his penis.

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