Xev Bellringer - A Sticky Mess

Duration: 22:40 Views: 33K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Been awhile since I've uploaded, be patient while I make sure I get this right...

DESCRIPTION: Was Mommy actually stripping off her clothes right in front of her son? Was she totally oblivious of how her heavy, swinging breasts covered in glistening honey gave you a pumping erection? She'd been wiping and rubbing at her sticky breasts ever since the leak from the grocery bag stained her shirt and my crotch. With the water to the house shut off for hours, your mother desperately sought another way to wash away the syrup... and demanded you disrobe as well.

As your cock ached rigidly against honey soaked pants, your mother pulled down your waistband. Did she not realize that you were hard for her? Blaming your arousal on the honey, Mommy gingerly requested you to lick her sticky, sweet breasts clean. You felt guilty taking advantage of her innocence... but this might be your only chance. You tongued and suckled at your mother's soft bosom until there wasn't a trace of honey left.

Mommy insisted on returning the favor... and before you knew it, she was lapping at the sweet syrup all over your manhood. Your mother was completely oblivious to the sexual nature of her mouth on your increasingly sensitive penis. If Mommy kept sucking like this, there would be nothing stopping you from having the most intense orgasm in your life... and exploding into her unsuspecting mouth....

Fantasy includes: taboo, mother/son, unintentional blow job, wet and messy, desperation, tit play, stripping, pov breast licking, cock and ball licking, cumshot, pov
Models: Xev Bellringer