Xev Bellringer - Mommy Ruins Your Orgasm

Duration: 11:49 Views: 6.7K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Since today is your birthday, M0mmy is going to give you a little treat. I'm going to finally let my sweet boy cum after months and months of blue balls. I had to teach you a lesson on self control honey, that's why I put your penis in that chastity device. You must have been so sexually frustrated once M0mmy started stroking you every night without letting you cum. It probably doesn't help knowing all of your school mates get to have sex and masturbate whenever they want to. Do they ask you about the cage on your cock in the locker room? It must be so embarrassing honey, but it's for the best.

You're already about to cum? Well that's no surprise, is it. Ok sweetheart, I'll stroke you off all the way until you orgasm. Whoopsy daisy...looks like M0mmy stopped touching you at the very last second! That must have felt good, but not nearly as good as if I had kept stroking. That's because you're still learning your lesson sweetie.
Models: Xev Bellringer