Xev Bellringer - Jealous Mommy Replaces Your Girlfriend

Duration: 15:50 Views: 16K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Good morning sweetie! It's so nice having you here for the whole weekend. I get to see you so rarely now that you're serious with this woman. You've told Mommy nothing about her and yet she's important enough to replace me in your life. No woman will be able to take care of you, love you as powerfully and unconditionally as I do. What does this girl have that Mommy can't provide for you as well?

Ah, it must be the sex. Well, what makes you think Mommy can't give you that kind of love as well? It feels good when Mommy rubs you through the sheets doesn't it? I can give you this kind of attention too, sweetheart. That way you won't need other women in your life....only Mommy. Kiss me.

You're so hard sweetie...We can go all the way as long as you break up with your girlfriend and stay in this house with Mommy. I just love you so much!
Models: Xev Bellringer