MissaX.com - Persuasion

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Description: Includes: Taboo mom seduces son, blow job, sex, creampie

It's time for me to tell my son that I'm divorcing his father. The poor boy thinks he is the reason for the divorce, and he could be right. He's been getting bigger, stronger, more muscular, and when he looks at me sometimes I forget he's my son. I have to think that my son feels the same way about me. The special moments we share together and very warm, very close, and my husband thinks he's too old for me to caress, kiss, and snuggle the way I do. My son will be stuck between a rock and a hard place when I tell him we're getting divorced, because I want all of him, ALL of the time. I don't want to share. I will never share him.

I come into his room to tell him the news. I have a plan to make him see my point of view. I know he's thinking about women, besides the hugs and soft kisses that I feel are a little too sensual for a son to give his mother, he looks at women on the internet. He's a shy boy, very studious, which is why he hasn't had much experience with girls, even at his age. I know he's just dying to feel a woman. What better woman for him to really get to know than his mother?

I want to make sure he knows that I still love him very much, we both do, but he has to choose which parent he will live with. It makes me a little melancholy to tell him that he must decide, but he absolutely must! I can't imagine not seeing him every day, and I just know that he will choose me, I will make sure of it. Sure, I know that his father has the capabilities to buy him whatever he wants, and I do not, but I have something to offer that money can't buy, myself.

I show my son that I am willing to be devoted to him, 100%. I will be there for him, and I accept that he has needs. He's getting older now and curious about women, their breasts, what a pussy feels like, and I encourage him to explore me. My boy is so shy and sweet, I know that he wants to, but I have to be a little persuasive. I let my tongue do the talking, the tasting, the dancing all over his hard, eager cock. He looks into my eyes and feels my love. I know that he belongs to me, and I belong to him. My son is the perfect man for me. Mmmm.. Mommy's little man.

He gets to see more of me, to feel more of me, when he promises me little by little that he will live with me. I open up my perfect legs for him and he feels my most intimate insides with the tip of his dick. I lean back and moan, I need more of him inside of me. I must confess that my young man is handsome, and he makes me purr and moan like a girl with a crush. Every boy loves his mother, this is a universal truth, my boy just loves me a little bit more.