MissaX.com - Persuasion V

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Description: Mommy comes up stairs and let's her sweet boy know, "your father and I are getting a divorce," she makes certain that the boy knows that she loves the boy very much but he now must choose between living with the father or mother. The boy is conflicted, Dad has a lot of money, enough to buy him whatever he chooses, but Mom is so sweet, and well.. look at her, she's perfect. Mommy looks up at him with her sweet eyes, and kisses him. "Let Mommy show you how much you need me."

Mommy lays her son down and takes out his cock. The boy is a little nervous at first, but Mommy is so soothing, and she assures him that this is what he needs. She kisses him with her perfect lips and purrs sinfully sweet things to him. The boys eyes are wide in disbelief as Mommy takes him inside of her mouth. She makes him cum, and the cum spills from the corners of her mouth as she smiles at him satisfied. Her plan is working, the boy will be hers, but there is something else that can seal the deal.

Mommy gets on top of her son and peels her panties off. She plays with the tip of his cock with her pink pussy, the boy looks at her soft hairy pussy and begins to breathe heavy. He wants to last, he wants to satisfy his mother as much as she satisfies him. He fucks her slow and deep, as per her instruction, and cums inside of her. He watches his Mommy's body tremble as cum oozes out of her pussy.
Models: Sarah Vandella