[MormonGirlz.com] Teen Wife Has Sex With Her Son

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Description: An impressive episode from Mormon Girlz involving the standard porn set-up of a guy walking in on an attractive MILF coming out of the shower. After an extensive and thorough drying off, the redhead shows off some enthusiastic cocksucking before being fucked in a display of gymnastic flexibility and being finished off from behind.

From mormongirlz.com: " When you're living the sacred principle of polygamy, I can be hard to find any time to be alone. With your husband, your sister wives, and all the kids living in the same house, there's almost nowhere you can go to be by yourself. The one exception is the bathroom.

Pretty teen wife Julie is new to polygamy, and while she is adjusting happily to her new living situation, she finds herself popping into the shower every now and then just to escape from the constant noise and bustle of the house.

The hot water on her naked skin immediately melts all of her worries. She makes sure these showers take as long as possible, soaping up every inch of her nubile young body. If she's feeling indulgent, she'll pay extra attention to her big boobs, or concentrate on her pussy, maybe sliding a finger or two in and rubbing her clit...

As she's toweling off today, her step-son Eli comes into the bathroom without knocking and he sees his mom stark naked. He immediately apologizes and starts to back off, but Julie is feeling horny after fingering herself. She has always been attracted to Eli, who is nearly her age. But she has always been too afraid to try anything.

Did he know she was in the shower? Did he interrupt her on purpose? Julie can tell that he is staring shamelessly at her breasts. Has he ever seen breasts before? Has he ever seen a pussy before? Has he ever had sex, she wonders?

Julie drops her towel. "Come here, Eli,” she says, and he obeys. As she strips off his clothes and discovers that he has a big, muscular body — not a boy at all, but a man, he paws at her boobs and kisses her wildly. And when she gets down to his crotch and pulls his big hard cock out of his underwear, she can't wait to slide it into her wet pussy and get fucked hard. She puts his cock in her mouth, tasting his precum and savoring the helpless moans that escape his lips.
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