[clips4sale/Mindi Mink's Playhouse] Mindi Shows Her Son Girlfriend Benefits

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Description: You are Mindi Minks son in your room masturbating. Your mom, Mindi, Comes in to find you. Of course you're masturbating you don't have a girlfriend. she says with a giggle.Now let me show you exactly what it is like when you do get a girlfriend.
She takes control of your cock and tease you as you watch in enjoyment. She giggles and plays with her breasts as she strokes your cock.
She is your mother and knows exactly how you like it. She starts to suck your cock deep into her mouth, deepthroating the whole thing. She keeps reassuring you that this is how its supposed to be done.
You love every second of it.
Now I will Show You how youre supposed to be fucked.
She jumps on top of your cock fucking you slowly at first. It seems as if she is truly doing this for her benefit not yours, but you accept because it feels to good to make her stop.
She rides you until you are ready to explode your load all in her mouth. When You are done cumming she cleans you up with her mouth telling you how much of a good son you are.

Play by Play: Mindi plays a helpful stepmom that gets her son to get over his shyness. She walks in dressed in a red nightie and watches her son masturbate before giving him a blowjob and titjob. After all that she takes of her panties and rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while giving him quik bj's between positions and finishes him off with her hands. All shot in pov, and it's worth mentioning the bj has a bit of deepthroat as well.
Models: Mindi Mink