Mikki Lynn - Stepsons 'little blue pill" problem

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Description: All I was looking for was something to take this headache away. I thought the bottle of blue pills were aspirin or something equivalent but no, I had to stumble upon my dads Viagra. I instantly got a perma boner that wouldn't go away no matter that I jacked off four times. I was reading on the internet that if my boner didn't go away in a certain amount of time I would have to go to the ER. Desperate, I went to my stepmother for help. I had no idea she would offer her hole for me to try to get a good nut out and hopefully make this boner go down. She said she would do for me what she does for my dad. After a few minutes fucking her mature mound I nutted so good I could immediately feel my boner going down. She didn't like that I accidently left my spooge inside her but hey, she's the one who offered her hole for my release.
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