Lady Fyre & Nadya Nabakova | Stepmother Hires Sex Therapist

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Description: Lady Fyre & Nadya Nabakova - Stepmother Hires Sex Therapist

Your stepmom has been having sex with you for a while now, teaching you different positions & ways to please a woman & yourself. You recently complained to her that while you're enjoying the sex, you're concerned that you are not getting enough experience just having sex with your stepmother. Your stepmom is a caring woman who looks out for your best interest, so today she has a surprise for you. She hired a sex therapist, Nadya, to have sex with you. She & Nadya talked about your situation & agreed that a young man needs to have different experiences to feel confident. Your stepmother wants you to have a confident future.
Nadya starts with giving you a hand- and blowjob. Then they take turns in fucking you in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary. It ends in what I believe is a fake creampie in your stepmother's cunt.
Models: Lady Fyre