[BareBackStudios] Cory Chase in Mom Becomes My Sex Slave - Part1

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Description: Cory Chase in Mom Becomes My Sex Slave - Part1:

Various scenes within the house hold where mum is acting as son's sex slave.
1) Son is making a business phone call, and mum is sucking him off
2) Mom is at the Breakfast table working on grocery list, Son walks up, grabs Mom's head and forces her to suck his cock..
3) Mum is finishing up taking a piss, son walks into the wash room and sticks his cock in her mouth for a forced bj.

The mom has been sexually exploited so much that she has developed a sort of Stockholm Syndrome,
where she now desperately Wants to be sexually abused daily.
At home she now walks around naked, ready to be fucked anytime and anywhere.

Mom is dressed for work, walks in the front door, the son grabs her leans her over any surface and starts fucking her. Mum takes off what little bit of clothes she has on, leans over the couch and tells him to use her cunt, to make that cunt his.
The son can't resist his whore of a Mom, so he grabs her, and asks, "You just want to be fucked raw don't you"
She pleads to be pounded hard, and the son obliges.
Rough sex continues in various positions till the mum's pleas for her son to cum on tongue, this too much and he explodes inside her mouth.
The mom, now knowing what needs to be done, gets off his cock, and immediately starts to suck his cock clean, sucking out all the cum in his shaft.The song grabs her and facefucks her again, telling her I'm not done with you yet.
Models: Cory Chase