Taboo Sister Fantasies - Charity Lane - Daughterly Interruption

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Description: FULL LENGTH VERSION...Finally... Mrs. Smith and her perverted hubby have a few minutes to themselves. Their excitement over their upcoming plans later that evening has the Mrs. sucking on her husbands cock talking dirty. Just when she's about to rife his big hard cock in walks in Victoria, their young insatiable step-daughter. Mrs. Smith's frustrations get the best of her and she demands that Victoria suck her step father's cock. Of course Victoria is shocked. Sucking and fucking your step brother is one thing but her own step father??? This is taking too far... or is it? After taking a few licks and slurps Mr. Smith request permission from his wife if Victoria can ride his hard cock to satisfy his curiosity of course. After giving her husband the green light, Mr. Smith proceeds to pound the fuck out his perverted young stepdaughter. He fucks his stepdaughter with a vengeance with Mrs. Smith looking on getting hornier with every thrust. Mr. Smith fucks his stepdaughter deep and hard causing her to moan loud. Victoria cums all over her step-daddy's cock while her step mom looks on in amazement. Thanks to their step-daughter, the deviant couple have a whole bunch of memories to talk over when they visit their favorite swingers club later that evening.
Models: Charity Lane