[PrimalsTabooSex] Olivia Austin - Dad Won't Ever Know

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Description: Stepmom Olivia was doing the laundy when she decides to throw the clothes she was wearing in the wash as well.
Her new son sees her and takes advantage. He starts to rub her breasts and pussy while she halfheartedly protests before giving in and getting on the dryers for some pov pussy licking. She then returns the favor with a bj on her knees and a bit of a titjob. She gets fucked doggy on the dryer before the dad comes home so she rapidly finishes him off with a hj on her boobs.
Later, after the dad falls asleep, she comes to his room dressed in a robe and a sexy neglijee. She gets on th ebed and gives him a nice blowjob before getting on top for some cowgirl action. They move to doggy before getting back to a bj where she gets him to come in her mouth.

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Part One - Dirty Laundry
I can't stop thinking about my mom. She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and she is always so good to me. She thinks I am out, but I stayed home to tell her how I feel. I watch her go to the laundry room. Before I can say anything I see her strip and throw her clothes in the machine. I don't know what comes over me, I start stroking watching her. She leans against the machine a moment, like she is enjoying the warm vibrations. Then she sees me. I don't say anything as she covers up and demands an explanation. I can't keep my hands off of her, she starts getting turned on seeing that I HAVE to have her...

Things go further than I could have dreamed, mom cums from my dick in her, and I am so ready to explode, but we hear a door... dad's home! Mom quickly grabs my cock to finish me fast, making me cover her huge amazing tits... Dad doesn't ever need to know.

Part Two - Late Night Visit
It's been weeks since the laundry room with mom. We pretend it didn't happen, or I guess she does anyway. Me? I am jerking off five times a day just to keep from tearing her clothes off whenever my dad isn't looking. Late one night, jerking off for the umpteenth time, mom slips in to my room and tells me what has been on her mind. Dad is deep asleep down the hall, she tells me. Then she takes charge, and I know that it won't be the last time as long as dad never finds out.

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