Jodis Memoirs Of Bad Mommies - Jodi West - Your Step Mothers Lunch Invitation POV

Duration: 12:34 Views: 6.4K Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Your Step-Mother Jodi has invited you over for Lunch. You know your dad works long, hard days, leaving his wife home alone. So you decide to indulge her between your studies and join her for Lunch. Your Step-Mother shows up in a tight, low cut, flower print dress that seams to accent her every curve. From the bottom of the dress peaks out the tops of her nylons and garters. You can't help but stare and get caught!

"Are you looking at my stockings?" Jodi asks you, showing off her elegant, vintage lingerie. Your Stepmother can tell you are excited by them. She procedes to show you little by little what is underneath. Driving you nuts with anticipation, she slowly seduces you to the point of no return.

"If you can keep a secret, we can keep going" Jodi asks with a devilish smile. This drives you crazy and you are swept away in this Lunchtime taboo tryst. Thrusting deeper and deeper inside her she has you explode in young excitement. "Be careful not to shoot inside me, we don't want to make a baby" or do you....
Models: Jodi West