RedMILF - Rachel Steele - Forced Incest, No One is Perfect

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Description: Rachel had been married for 20 something years to the same man. Now in her 40's she began to feel her wild side reappear. She went out to the bars, dressed provocatively and was becoming a huge concern to her husband. He worked as a lawyer and was gone all the time. Rachel was starved for the attention. She wanted and got it from younger men whenever she wanted. Her husband did not know how to control his sex starved wife and he called her stepsister Stacie. Stacie had divorced her husband for cheating on her and raised her, perfect, stepson Brent alone and away from everything. She was the treasurer of the church and had become a pillar of society. Her stepson was an honor roll student and was always at his stepmother's side. When Stacie heard the news of her stepsister's behavior she was shocked. Stacie told John to send her to stay for a while and she would straighten her out. Rachel arrived wearing a short skirt, red stockings, high heels and a very low cut tight top. Stacie tried not to judge her stepsister as she knew she must just be lost and in need of proper guidance. Rachel's entrance shocked Brent. He stood up to greet his aunt and Rachel admired how he had grown. She hugged him pulling him close pushing her huge tits against his chest. She slapped his ass and told him how cute he was. Stacie was mortified. Rachel plopped down on the couch throwing a leg up on the arm of the sofa. She did not have underwear on! Stacie gave Rachel a little speech on how they lived, their morals and how she was to dress and behave in front of her stepson. Brent covered his red face. Rachel rolled her eyes and said she would behave. A few weeks went by and Rachel could not stand the way the two of them were so goody goods. One afternoon when they were at church Rachel snooped, looking for some skeletons in their perfect closets. She went to Brent's room first. She found a porn magazine of older woman. It so happened that during her wild getaways she did a porn shoot for that particular company. There she was right on the cover! She snooped some more and found Brent's cum towel. Next she went to Stacie's office. There she found a bank statement from the church, apparently Stacie had been embezzling funds from the church! Rachel knew she had control now. Time to take control of this little farce of a family. They returned to find Rachel dressed like a slut and drinking booze right out of the bottle. Stacie began to lecture Rachel and told her about going to church. Rachel produced her evidence and Stacie went ballistic. She tried to argue her way out of everything as Brent clutched his head in his hands apologizing. Rachel had busted them both. She slowly made her way over to Brent and she pulled out her tits. He gazed at them with wide eyes. She slid her leg in between his legs, rubbing his hard on. Stacie yelled at her to stop but Rachel reminded her who was in charge now. After teasing poor Brent she pulled his cock out and started sucking him in front of her prude stepsister. Stacie could barely bring herself to look. She took Stacie to the bedroom making her change from the frumpy dress into slutty lingerie. She brought her back to the living room where Brent sat. From then on it was a sex circle of abhorrent behavior with Rachel being the ring leader. She forced Stacie to suck her stepson's fine hard cock, then she showed him how to eat her pussy. Brent followed along. He was sheltered and blown away at his crazy aunt Rachel. Rachel licked her nephew's cock alongside her stepsister, then she had Stacie fuck her stepson encouraging him to fuck as many ways as possible. Finally after several forced orgasms from Stacie, Brent was jerked off to cum all over his stepmom's face as Rachel held his exploding cock laughing. She stood up, adjusted her top and told them things would be different from now on after all, NO ONE IS PERFECT!
Models: Rachel Steele