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Description: Lexi Luna

John comes down to the kitchen to find Lexi Luna, his stepmother, in lingerie cooking breakfast before work. She's decided that she doesn't want cook in her work clothes in case they smell from cooking. Her husband's ran off to work and John is feeling a little angry because he hasn't had the chance to finish an assignment. Lexi offers to tutor him and help him out. John has a hard on and Lexi offers to take care of it, just this once. She gives him a handjob but that isn't enough so she gives him a blowjob.

Later on they are studying together and Johnny can't concentrate during chemistry. To help ease his concentration, Lexi gives him a proposition. If he gets an A on an exam she'll fuck him! She decides to give him a sample and rides him till he cums. Motivated to do well, John gets an A+ on his exam and as per their agreement, Lexi has sex with him and then proceeds to take a cumshot to her face. Who said studying doesn't pay off? Except that Lexi realizes that John's cheated and that he's actually failed his exam! John's grounded but it sure was worth it!

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