Xev Bellringer - I'll Be Your Mommy

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Description: You seriously won't show me your room because your mom is in the house? I prefer privacy, but baby I'm really horny...I might just have to get off here in the stairwell. You should know by now, I always get what I want.

And what I want right now is you. Fuck me. You've got to stop worrying about your mom, I'll be quiet alright? Mmm that's it baby, oh yes YES say my name!...Wha-what did you just...did you call me Mommy?

You're a mommas boy, it all makes sense now! Don't be embarrassed...I like it. You're not just into taboo porn though are you. You're actually attracted to your own mother. I bet you've even masturbated with her dirty undies. Your cock just got harder inside of me, I knew it!

Have you ever role played before? Well I'm about to give you a crash course. I'll be Mommy and you'll be my sweet baby boy. This is by far the kinkiest thing I've ever done. Fuck Mommy's pussy hard, sweetie!

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