Penny Barber - Melting Moms Mind

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Description: Solo with mom roleplay, she shows breasts, ass and pussy. Uses a dildo to give virtual blowjob, titfuck, virtual sex in cowgirl, ends with virtual creampie, virtual oral creampie, fake cum in her mouth and pussy.

We need to talk, Sweetie. Lately you've been spending a lot of time either playing video games or tinkering in the garage and I'm starting to worry about—you made me a present?

Oh, look at this it a necklace? I love it, it says "MOMMY” on it and everything. Let me put it on right now and... ... ...suddenly the world turns pink and fuzzy. A bolt of pleasure shoots through my body. You know what, sexy? I don't think you've been playing enough video games. Let me go change and set up the living room for you. It's the least I can do after you made me, like, the BEST present ever!

I bring out your snacks wearing nothing but a pink frilly apron. Well, I didn't want to get dirty, but if you don't like it than I do have some other outfits to try on. You watch me strip and try on similarly slutty and servile sets before I tell you to clothes your eyes for the finale: lacy, white, crotchless panties with a lacy, white, cupless top. I can't help but play with myself while telling you how sorry I am for interrupting you earlier. Mom is gonna to make it up to you EVERY way she knows how!

Your cock practically springs out of your jeans as I start showering it with affection and adoration. It really is a perfect dick, baby. All I can think about right now is how to keep it as hard as possible. It's like, the more I pleasure you, the better I feel. My eyes cross again and again as I suck you, stroke you, and take your engorges phallus between my big, soft, pillowy titties. You fill my mouth with your cum and I play with your huge load before reminding you this is not where cum goes.

You quickly get hard again and fuck me to several mind melting orgasms before filling my pussy with a nice wet creampie.
Do you have any more collars, sweetie? I think our sexy neighbor would really appreciate one. XOXO
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