[Clips4Sale.com] Riley Reyes - Cool Mom

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Description: OK... so I'll admit it, I kinda really like jerking off. I just found out about it a couple weeks ago. I thought it was kinda weird at first when some friends told me about it, but then I tried it myself....and WOW, IT'S AWESOME!!! So I've been jacking it basically all the time when I'm in my room. But the other day I got caught, by my MOM!!! I tried to cover up but she knew what I was doing. I thought I was going to be in trouble, but Mom just laughed and told me it was a perfectly normal thing to do. Then Mom told me she could show me some stuff even cooler than jerking off. Mom started blowing me! I couldn't believe how great it felt! Then my Mom said sex is even better. My Mom bouncing on my cock was like the best thing ever! It wasn't long before I had to cum, and Mom told me to just go inside her. I wasn't sure it was a good idea, but Mom said it was cool. CUMMING INSIDE MY MOM WAS AMAZING!!! I definitely think I'll be jerking off less and doing this sex stuff a lot more from now on. I totally have the COOLEST MOM EVER!!! ***Starring Riley Reynolds & a REAL creampie from her son***