[TabooHeat] Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks - Step Mom is Knocked Up

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Description: Driving Home from the Airport

We have a three to four week window alone. step-dad is gone on business and we have an empty house again. Step-mom's biological clock is ticking and she wants a little bambino inside of her. We will just play it off as a late night romp with my step-dad and step-mom but the secret is all ours. But, what about a movie night and soccer practice?!?! Step-mom has a solution for all of this, she will even rip off her patch and make her fertile again! But first we have to practice not pulling out and finishing inside...

Pregnant girls are horny even more, now she wants it 5 times a day! Good thing I have a healthy libido and plenty of cum for her to use!!! Can't wait to see how plump and fat her titties get once she is knocked up...

Removing the Birth Control Patch

Walking into the kitchen, I see step-mom Nikki standing by the trash can. Her dress is lifted up showing the patch. She slowly rips off the patch and tosses it away. We move to the dinner table where Nikki leans back and asks for me to go down on her. I get her warmed up with my tongue with little kisses and nibbles.

She is ready and so am I! I slide inside and pound away getting in anticipation of knocking up my step-mom! She asks if I am happy to be filling her up? Of course I am! Step-mom's make the best girl friends! Nikki leans over the table and I shove my cock in her, let her cum a couple of times before filling her up for the first time.

Wearing Nothing But a Smile

Walking into my Bedroom, Step-mom is fully naked and tapping on her watch. I know what's on her mind and what will be inside of her. She wants to do it a little differently this time. She wants half inside and the other half on her pussy. I guess she wants to see how much cum is going in her...

First she lets me play with her tits and she sucks my cock. Fuck her on the top and from behind and then cum a little inside and paint her pretty landing strip bush with my cum! Nikki called it a nice "Pussy Pie.”

Bikini Show and Creampie

Step-mom is worried about gaining weight and wants me to pick her best bikinis for when she is knocked up. The red and white one will be while she is initially knocked up and the blue Bikini will be for further along. She asked if I was excited to see the belly grow? That was kinda cool.

The Tiger print will be for the third phase. She wants to try on one more bikini but I am ready to go. Step-mom agrees and bends over the bed to see if any of the neighbors are watching. She is already wet and it's time to go to pound town. One way ticket with no stops till we hit CreampieVille!

Step Family Creampie and Threesome

I walk into Step-mom's room and she is half naked with her step-sister Cory. They are kissing but stop when I walk in. There is some big news for them to discuss with me. My step-dad knows what is happening and that I have been fucking Nikki. step-dad is cutting her off and throwing her out. She is also knocked up but wants to make sure she is completely knocked so we do one more creampie before she lives forever.