[MissaX.com] Slimthick Vic - Mother's Bad Date

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Description: Slimthick Vic - Mother's Bad Date

She's mighty alluring in her jogging outfit including tights, showing off her big posterior nicely. Opening scene utilizes familiar Missa format of her relaxing on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn, waiting to watch not the usual porn but instead a football game on tv with stepson Ricky Spanish.

The kid spots some sexting on her smartphone and gets mom to talk about a very bad set of dates she had with a guy she met via a dating app, which Ricky identifies as more of a hookup app.

Then mom goes for her jog and comes back all sweaty, a turn-on for Ricky (and the viewer, of course). He offers her a massage, starting with feet, then neck an on to the familiar massage leading to sex