Kelly Payne - Son Asks For Moms Help

Duration: 19:53 Views: 2.8K Submitted: 2 months ago
Description: Solo with mom roleplay, she shows cleavage, gives virtual handjob, blowjob, gets naked, virtual sex in missionary, ends with virtual creampie.

Mom accidentally walks in while your ... well, in the middle of trying to get off. She leaves, but you call for her to come back in. Asking her if she'll help you... is it normal to take so long to cum? Are you stroking your cock right? It just doesn't seem to be working for you... Mom wants to help you but... she is your mom... shes very hesitant. But you talk her into helping you, she shows you how... even strokes your cock a little using her spit and shows you how to stroke it she then leaves and gives you some privacy. You come up behind her while she's finishing up some laundry, her tits fall out of her dress as she bends over and you start stroking your cock again. She asks why your still naked, and what your doing and you tell her you need more help. She agrees to listen to you... and you convince mommy to help make you happy, talking her into a little more and a little more... until your fucking mommy. Mom hesitates thinking your a virgin but you convince her... After you finish mom starts to wonder if you set her up... maybe you didn't need help after all?