[manyvids] Sydney Harwin - Wicked (3-hour film ft. Brea Rose)

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Description: 3 HOUR VIDEO LENGTH (almost!) VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED** "WICKED- The Directors Cut." 22 unique scenes and one hell of a fucked up video. If you enjoyed my controversial bestseller "ROTTEN", this is kinda like that (except this is much, MUCH longer, and I had the pleasure of casting Brea Rose as my wonderfully naive daughter) .. enjoy.


Video filmed POV - Sydney roleplays as your mom, Brea Rose as your sister. Their scenes are filmed individually, so you never see them together.

Expect incest/taboo/plot-based dirty talk and virtual sex with both girls - blowjob/missionary/cowgirl/doggy with implied creampie and at least one fake cum facial.

I'll be honest, I don't have time to watch a 3-hour movie and give you an accurate precis of the plot

From what I can tell, from the start Sydney is up for incest-based shenanigans and over the course of the video encourages you to corrupt and fuck your sister.

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Rotten - which is similar in plot to this one, but only 30 mintues long.


Daddy - which like this torrent is movie-length and involves Brea Rose - this time as your daughter.


roleplay, plot, dirty talk, voyeur, dildo blowjob, virtual sex (doggy/missionary/cowgirl), fake cum, implied creampie
Models: Sydney Harwin