Mama Fiona - Mom Son Bathroom Fuck

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Description: Babe you are absolutely OBSESSED with your mothers ass! You catch me in the bathroom while I'm brushing my teeth and I initially scold you since your father is home. You tell me we are home alone.

You love fucking your mother like this - hair up & messy and in a tshirt. Nobody gets to see your mom like this - only you - so its special and you don't want to miss an opportunity.

You proceed to get deep into mommy's ass. I love it of course. Things quickly turn passionate when you to to town on my pussy and have my legs quivering! I grab your rock hard cock and jerk you a bit before having you eat me and eventually fuck me on the bathroom counter, stopping intermittently to have casual chat.

We both know this is so wrong but god dammit I just can't stop wanting to fuck my son!