Penny Barber - Slutty Mommy Study Buddy

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Description: Your teacher called and says you're struggling. It's been so hard keeping you focused on your work. What if Mommy let you see more of her... boobs while we studied together?

I unbutton my dress and flash you some DD cleavage while reading from your history book — and it works! Mommy will give you whatever you want if you keep this up.

I'm a little taken aback when you ask to see more of me, but I don't see the harm and I'm so proud of you. I take my big tits completely out of my dress and play with them for your amusement before it's time to make dinner. I show up in a micro-bikini for our next session so we can get straight to work.

You perform so well that I offer to give you another show, but this time you ask to see my ... pussy. I'm embarrassed but, determined to keep you motivated, I pull my bikini bottom down and give you a full show of Mommy's vulva.

It feels naughty and I play with my clit a little while you watch before deciding to end the session. You wait for me in the study on Saturday and I show up completely naked.

I can't tell you how proud I am, darling, so I'm going to have to show you. You take your throbbing cock out and let me stroke it, lick it, and suck it while I fawn over you.

I get so horny playing with your dick that I bend over the table and let you drill my tight wet pussy from behind. You fuck me like a stud and make me squirt all over everything before pouring hot cum into my quivering sex. Mommy didn't know how much she'd LOVE being your study buddy! XOXO
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