[Jackerman] Mother's Warmth Chapter 1

Duration: 10:49 Views: 133K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Damon off from college is spending some time with his Mother after a nasty breakup. She comes to wake him up & invites him down to the pool so they can spend some quality time together, she asks him to bring her vitamin pills. He takes the sleeping pills instead & gives them to her, she then asks him to give her a massage. As he gives her a massage she falls asleep, he can't resist the temptation & begins touching her ass, even slapping it. He then removes her bikini top & begins fondling her tits. His cock throbs as he wants more. He then climbs atop of her and holds her head in place as he puts his cock in her mouth. She begins to wake up, as she realizes what is happening he shoves his cock down her throat. He face fucks her ignoring her resistance until he cums inside her mouth, cum pours out her mouth until he removes it as she coughs & pukes up the last remaining cum.

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