[APOVStory] Alura Jenson - Filling Dad's Shoes pt. 1

Duration: 40:37 Views: 3.3K Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Your dad is out of the picture now. With the void of your dad's absence, your mom has been so alone. She's so glad that you're here to visit. She asks you to stick around and she's so relieved when you say yes. As you start getting settled in, your mom explains how difficult it's been not having your dad around. But, she's glad to have you.

Later that night, a thunderstorm keeps you awake, turns out, it's kept your mom up too. You invite her to keep each other company since you both can't sleep anyway. She decides it wouldn't hurt. She apologizes for being so chatty but she's just been so isolated and you are just so easy for her to talk to.

Then she springs an odd question... do you find her attractive? She just wants to know the truth. You reassure her she's more than attractive... then you start caressing her breasts. She's hesitant at first. Then, she reveals she's always fantasized about this moment...
Models: Alura Jenson