Ava Nicks - Mommy's Lazy Morning

Duration: 8:13 Views: 2.2K Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Mommy is about to go grocery shopping but she is feeling lazy and wants to spend some quality time with her boy. You take care of your mommy and your mommy takes care of you. She starts rubbing your cock over your pants, she reveals her huge breasts and you start to take your pants off. Mommy is so proud she brought up such a handsome clever boy. She begins to suck her good boy with her warm and wet mouth. You feel so safe and fuzzy between her lips. She is getting your dick so wet. She wants to take care of you forever. To make it the best blowjob mommy begins to suck your balls while she keeps jerking you. You're just in heaven. She already feels you throbbing. All that tensions is gonna get lose thanks to mommy. She wants her baby boy to finish all over her big mommy boobs. You explode for your mommy, you spray it everywhere. She is so proud of her good boy.
Models: Ava Nicks