MissaX - Adriana Chechik, Kissa Sins - Happy Birthday To You II

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Description: John's always been a sheltered boy when he was growing up. He was raised by his mom and aunt, and they micromanaged his life. He was kept very busy with school work, he graduated with a 4.0, then went on to go to college (at home courses, of course), and landed a phenomenal job in the city he grew up in.

His mother always thought that once he was set in his career that her job was done but the boy hasn't left the nest. Aunt Kissa has encouraged him to go out to a posh club, to meet ladies, to find hobbies outside of home, but he hasn't felt inspired enough to leave. Adriana and Kissa came up with the perfect plan to get him interested in ladies, not just any sort of lady, but the sophisticated, intelligent, and ambitious sort, exactly like.. well, exactly like them! They have made a "pocket pussy" molded after his mother's perfect little petals, and the tight little hole of his Auntie. He will open it, and they will encourage him to use it, show him the eroticism of reaching orgasm with a well bred woman who treats her body with dignity. He'll see, feel, smell, and taste the difference, and this will give him the inspiration to get out of the home, and also understand the right type of woman he should be interested in.

John was a little reluctant, this is sort of frightening for him, a pocket pussy made from his mother and his aunt?! Mommy Adriana didn't expect to have to take it to the next level but Kissa assured her that it was for the best. The ladies ended up using their hands to convince him, then upping the ante with their mouths on John's huge cock, and when they felt that they needed to instill the lesson in him, they used their pussies. John watched in awe as his gorgeous mother rode him, thrusting him in and out of her as Auntie Kissa sucked on her breasts. He came deep inside of her and was still throbbing hard, he had to cum again for his Aunt.

John's hot cum was dripping out of Auntie Kissa's pussy. Mommy was tasting it, rubbing Kissa's slippery, hot pussy while she stared into John's innocent eyes. Adriana looked at Kissa, "maybe we're all the woman that our Johnny needs?" Kissa nodded in agreement. A mother and aunt always know what's best.
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