MissaX - A POV Story - Jennifer White - My Cheating Mother

Duration: 45:00 Views: 7.4K Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: Barry (Codey Steele) has always had a special interest in his mother, Jenn (Jennifer White). The two are very close, so close that Barry can read Jenn's thoughts. Jennifer came into his room in the morning with her hair and makeup done, Barry suspected she was going out, and when Jennifer hurried him to get dressed and go to school, Barry's suspicions went through the roof. Jenn swore that she was only concerned about Barry being on time, and that she had no plans. Barry pretended to leave but instead stayed behind to investigate his sneaky stepmother.

Mike (Calvin Hardy) came in and wrapped his arms around Jenn. Barry recognized him as Jenn's boss, and he couldn't believe his eyes! Jenn is married to his dad, and Mike is also a married man. Barry watched as Mike was pushy with his sweet smother, he wanted to fuck her, but she wanted to spend time with him. He could tell they've been fuck buddies for quite some time, but Mike is clearly enjoying the partnership more than Jenn. Barry scoffed at how un-gentlemanlike Mike's behavior was, it's almost as appalling as Jenn cheating.

Barry thought about the love triangle and knew it had to stop. If his pmother wants to fuck around, why not with a man who would treat her right? Why not with.. him? Watch the story unfold as Barry seduces his mother..

Clip Contains: BJ, Family Fanatsy, Creampie, Mother/Son Talk
Models: Jennifer White