[Jackerman] The After Party

Duration: 4:51 Views: 19K Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Sex, Kissing, Mating Press, On Floor, Standing Fuck, Creampies, Incest, 1on1, Straight, Caucasian, Big Tits, Big Ass, Big Dick, Voiced, Animated, 3D

Once upon a time we find Jenny coming home drunk. She calls out to her adult son, Peter. Peter seeing her cleavage gets turned on & his hard as a rock cock sticks out of his underwear. She sees this & says it's ok & natural to feel this way. She then teases him saying he's probably never even kissed a girl, she then kisses him & shoves her tongue down his throat. After she says she's going to take a shower but he grabs her & rips her dress revealing her spectacular breasts. He comes up behind her & before she has time to tell him to stop penetrates her pussy with his huge cock. She says this isn't right but doesn't resist as he fucks her hard & deep. He then cums inside her. She tells him I guess she is too much for him...

Hours later they are still going at it, naked on the floor she gets fucked by him in a mating press position. He fucks her like a jackhammer as she moans with pleasure. She dirty talks him until he finally cums hard into her pussy.