Bedtime with Mommy & Daddy

Duration: 16:31 Views: 2.1K Submitted: 4 months ago
Description: Scene from Harley Sins featuring mommy/son roleplay with daddy joining in. Camera focused on Harley from "your" pov. Features lots of dirty talking from her as you join in between them late. Mommy Harley feels how hard you are and tries to quietly "settle you down" by stroking you. However Daddy wakes up to her moaning and can't help but join in, bi play encouraged by Mommy Harley. All action narrated and described by Harley as the scene unfolds. Some sucking on toy and used panties featured as well.

Mommy is in bed when you startle her awake. You want to be in between mommy and daddy. Mommy doesn't mind and has your dad move over so you can go in the middle. She's awake now but daddy goes right back. She starts to feel you, underneath the sheets. You're hard for mommy. What would daddy do if he woke up, seeing you so hard for mommy. You start sucking on mommy's nipples, she's trying to be quiet but it feels too good. Her moans wake daddy up. Now he gets to have some fun too. Mommy gets so horny she takes off her panties and has you and daddy smell them. You can see her wetness all over them. While mommy sucks you daddy is playing with your tight little ass. He slowly uses his spit and puts his fingers right inside you. You can't hold back anymore and cum all over mommy's face. You're such a good boy for mommy AND daddy XO Contains: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, daddy roleplay, bisexual, bisexual encouragement, anal, ASRM, POV, facial, blowjobs, rimjobs, lingerie, panty fetish, smell fetish, ass play, stockings
Models: Harley Sin