[ManyVids] Mama Fiona- RAVE MOM

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Description: You are my son and you've had a little thing for me for as long as you can remember. You're going to a rave this weekend and decided to surprise me with tickets! I am so surprised: you want to bring ME, your old mama, to a rave with you? You insist that I would LOVE it, and before I know it, we are walking into a freakin RAVE! I am blown away and we spend the night dancing to all your favorite artists: Deadmau5 , ATB, Skrillex & Nero, Kaskade... its AMAZING! By the end of the night we are feeling really REALLY good and we start grinding on each other. I know I shouldn't be doing this with you, you're my son - but goddammit I am feeling TOOOO good right now and I absolutely cannot stop - this music and the ambiance is just driving me wild! We get back to the hotel and your sneaky ass booked a room with only 1 bed. I don't care though. I throw on my silk nightie, call you over, and can't resist snuggling and cuddling and... even feeling and kissing my boy. Things start to heat up and I feel that you're hard. I take initiative and start grinding on your dick! OMG you are my SON! This is so bad but... I don't care. I NEED YOU!!!! We do all the naughty things, I want it. I'm thirsty as hell for it - my own son!!!!!! WOW. This is what raves are like then, huh?? I can't say I regret any of it... when's the next one!?!? ****INCLUDES 2 MUSIC MONTAGES/PORN MUSIC VIDEOS and special lighting effects. DEFINITELY INCLUDES RAVER-ESQUE THEMES & REFERENCES. AMAZING FILM REGARDLESS BUT DON'T PURCHASE IF YOU'RE NOT OKAY WITH THOSE THEMES.

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