Sydney Harwin - Mommy And Son: Unexpected

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You could never have imagined your Mom would find your secret phone footage of her.. what business did she even have guessing your password.. going through your phone.. clicking on that secret folder.. viewing all those candid videos.. videos that you very carefully shot without her knowing.. how embarrassing for her to sit you down and want to TALK about it! What do you even say about something like that? Mom doesn't seem that shocked though.. almost like she knew.. was waiting for something like this to happen.. eventually. But you've been careful, right? Never let her see you spying on her getting changed? Getting out the bath? Sneaking a look at her exposed pussy.. her boobs whenever you could. Watching that perfect ass from a distance every god damn time she bent over. Masturbating under the dinner table. Taking her underwear and doing unspeakable things with them.. when watching taboo Mother and Son porn online didn't quite scratch that itch anymore, making your very own little videos of your real life Mom on your phone actually helped.. like a therapy for you. Maybe you love your Mom a little too much.. in all the wrong ways. She doesn't call you a freak like you thought she would. She isn't even that angry. Just confused.. so, so confused. She blames herself for not covering up more around you.. letting too much of her body hang out for you to see growing up. She needs a glass of something to take her mind off this madness.. but Mommy isn't good at handling it and you visit her in her bed later that night.. climb in next to her. Touch her.. see how far you can take it before she says stop... you know its wrong to expose your erection to your Mother like this, but you can't hold back any longer.. your taboo secret is out in the open.. whats the worst that can happen? She'll just push you away, right? But she doesn't.. its almost as if.. your Mom.. wants this, too... **CONTAINS 15 SCENES INCLUDING 3 PRE-PREGNANCY SEX SCENES AND ONE PREGNANT SEX SCENE, CREAMPIE, BLOWJOB, CANDID PHONE FOOTAGE, TABOO DIALOGUE, HEAVY MOMMY/SON THEME**

Released: April 5th, 2023


Hour long clip with multiple scenes - Sydney roleplays your mother and you end up having lots of taboo encounters - dildo-based virtual sex in multiple positions (missionary, cowgirl, doggy, blowjob).

Series was filmed over several months, so Sydney gets more pregnant as the scenes progress...


roleplay, plot-based, dirty talk, incest roleplay (mother/son), voyeur, dildo blowjob, virtual sex (missionary, doggy, cowgirl), implied creampie, pregnancy talk, pregnant sex
Models: Sydney Harwin