[APOVStory⁄MissaX] - Pristine Edge - Rock Star Son Part 1

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Description: Stepmom (Pristine Edge) greets her son (Dan Damage) returning home after touring with his rock band. He proudly announces that they have a hit record in England and will be flying to appearances in London, Manchester and Liverpool. What's more, negotiating a new contract for their next album will mean mom won't have to work anymore.

She's thrilled with the news, but not so much that he'll be leaving again so soon. "You can keep this house or better -let me buy the white beach house with blue shutters you admire so much", Dan tells her. "Oh honey, that house is a pipe dream. It's worth well over a million dollars, and besides, somebody already lives there", she points out. "I'm sure we can negotiate a price for them to move", he insists.

That night, stepmom visits his bedroom, bringing him a glass of water to put on the end table, so he won't have to get up in the middle of the night to fetch one. "Wait, I've got a silly question to ask you", Dan says. She sits on the bed to chat, as he mentions his last local gig she attended. "I wanted to surprise you. I waited by your bus, but I saw that you already had company", she recalls. "Oh yeah, Trixie or Dixie or something like that", he notes. "She was screaming her head off during the show -I thought she had to be your number one fan", mom smiles. "There are so many number one fans, but she was something else", he replies. "Sweetheart, are you wearing protection?", mom asks sternly. "Of course. You're starting to sound like dad now", he criticizes.

"Your dad warned me it was a bad idea for me to drop in. He said it was overstepping the boundaries of a stepmother", she says. "Dad's an asshole. That's why I didn't want to live with him when you guys got divorced", Dan says. "An asshole or not, he's very observant. I think about you a lot, baby. You're on my mind every minute of every day. Look at you. You're achieving your dreams. You're an adult. An adult who needs relationships with other women", mom stresses, continuing: "I promise to give you space, and I'll be here if you ever need me", she says.

"Need you? I need you always. You may be my stepmom but you're more than that. You're my best friend, my mother, my soulmate", Dan enthuses. Touching her heart, she answers: "Your soulmate. I feel the same way, but I could never say it out loud", she confesses. "It's been my dream to become successful enough to take you away from this house and memories of dad and that job you hate, and concentrate on you and whatever makes you happy. I love you mom", he declares, and takes her head in his hands to kiss her on the forehead, then her cheek and finally on the lips.

Stepmom kisses him back, murmuring "I love you. I love you too". He undoes her robe, and stares at her blue nightie underneath. After they kiss some more she removes her clothes, revealing her ample breasts, with his gaze glued to them. Naked now, she feels his groin, whispering "This definitely feels right". She quickly slides his pants down and grabs his erect cock, licking the shaft. Briefly taking it into her mouth, she gets more comfortable on the bed and smiling declares: "I had no idea son that you're so...blessed". Watch the taboo scene unfold..."
The scene includes step-incest foreplay and pussy fucking in several poses.. reverse.cowgirl, cowgirl, doggy.style..
Models: Pristine Edge