[Perv Nana] Sydney Paige And Trixie Dicksin - A Vacay Will Cheer You Up

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Description: Ok...let me see if I can get this straight...

Trixie is Sydney's mother in law from her first marriage...got it.

And Nicky is Sydney's stepmom from her second marriage...got it.

Somehow that makes Trixie a step grandmother to Nicky...I don't get it.

Regardless...Nicky has booked a Mother's Day holiday for all three of them.

Sydney is all mopey cuz her second marriage just went down the shitter.

She'll excuse herself and slink on to her room.

A little later Trixie will have a discussion with Nicky about how to cheer Sydney up.

Trixie reminds Nicky how she cheered him up once and will give him a reminder by sucking his cock and tit fucking him.

Nana apparently thinks that sex will heal all wounds.

Just as Nicky is about to cum Sydney will ask someone to bring her phone to her....

Even a little more later on Trixie and Nicky are ready to hit the pool.

They ask Sydney to join them but she's still mopey from the divorce and just wants to sit on the couch.

Trixie can motivate Sydney.

Sending Nicky off to the pool she'll give Sydney a pep talk while she puts some sunscreen on her.

Trixie will also pull down Sydney's top and put lotion on her tits...and pull her bikini bottoms to the side to apply lotion to her crotch.

Full coverage.

Trixie further motivates Sydney by rubbing her clit and performing cunnilingus on her.

After Trixie's "tough love" Sydney is ready to hit the pool.

Even a lot more later on Nicky and Trixie find Sydney still depressed and sitting her bed.

Nicky booked a restaurant for a Mother's Day lunch but Sydney has already pigged out on comfort food.

Two heads are better than one and Nicky and Trixie know how to fix Sydney once and for all...

Three way sex...it works every time.

Now that they have a plan of action they'll put it into motion by engaging in the following: blowjob, cowgirl, doggy style,
missionary, and reverse cowgirl sex.

Just as Nicky is about to cum Trixie will pull his cock out of Sydney's pussy and give him a handjob to completion.

Trixie gets a little cum on her chin and the rest lands on Sydney's ass...which Trixie will gladly lick clean.

The two girls kiss and Trixie has proven that Mother's Day is a very special day...and that she's a huge perv.
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