[Family Sinners] - Marie McCray - Mothers And Stepson 8 Episode 2

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Description: Marie is gathering the laundry when she hears some odd noises coming from her stepson Nathan's bedroom.

She sees Nathan struggling to do some push ups.

Nathan is emberassed...all the girls laugh at him and now he thinks his stepmom is laughing at him too.

Marie will sit down on his bed and have a heart to heart talk with Nathan.

She assures him that not all the girls are laughing at him...he just hasn't found the right one.

Marie will tell Nathan that she finds him quite attractive.

He reminds her of a boyfriend she had in college.

Her old boyfriend was inexperienced just like Nathan.

That really used to turn Marie on.

As those old memories and feelings start to stir within her she pulls out Nathan's cock and begins to stroke it.

Marie is going to give Nathan some much needed experience and she'll do that by engaging in the following with him: blowjob, missionary, standing doggy style, and sideways sex.

Marie will give Nathan a handjob to completion and suddenly he's a brand new man.
Models: Marie McCray