[Perv Mom] Heather Hendrix - Catching Up With The Bills

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Perv Mom - 23.05.21 - Heather Hendrix - Catching Up With The Bills 1080p

Heather is a desperate woman.

Her hubby lost his job and they are behind on the bills and mortgage.

She's come to her stepson's house to seek his aid.

Her stepson Rion is not impressed.

He can't stand his dad and they haven't talked in years.

Heather knows that asking Rion for help is a long shot but she just may have something he wants.

Rion will admit that his dad always had an eye for hot women.

He'll give Heather some cash to help out but she has to strip for him.

Heather sees no other option and will strip naked and masturbate in front of Rion.

Later on Heather will drop by for some more debt relief.

Rion will inform her that he has his own life and isn't a money tree.

Heather will secure this debt relief by giving Rion a blowjob ending in an implied oral creampie.

Much, much later on, Heather returns yet again seeking more cash.

She's almost caught up on the bills but needs to pay down that mortgage.

Rion has had enough of this and refuses to help her.

Heather will make him an offer he can't refuse...she'll let Rion breed her.

Rion won't refuse and will breed Heather by engaging in the following with her: blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and doggy style sex.

He'll give Heather a vaginal creampie and Heather has saved her house and her deadbeat hubby's ass.