[Mommy's Boy] - Spencer Scott - Still Not Weaned At Eighteen

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Description: Spencer and her stepson Spikey have a...unique relationship.

He still loves cuddling with her...he's 21.

Spencer has decided that he can no longer seek comfort in her warm motherly bosom.

She's will tell him that despite however much it calms him when she cradles him lovingly between her big titties
that this is the last time.

Unless...he grows up and gets a job and acts like the man of the house.

So one last time...but this time Spencer will give him some incentive to get more special time with her.

Exposing her big tits she'll let Spikey suck her nipples and bury his face in between those puppies.

Spencer will then give Spikey some manly confidence by engaging in the following with him: blowjob, 69, missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style sex.

Spikey will cum all over her big ass and now he's ready to step up and act like a man...
...his first mission is to help Spencer make dinner.

Seems like a fair trade.