[Perv Mom] - London Laurent And Aviana Violet - Everything Together

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Description: Allen has a new girlfriend and tonight he's going to introduce her to his stepmom Aviana.

Allen and Aviana have a...unique relationship.

Thanks to her help she's given Allen the knowledge and confidence to land the prettiest girl at college.

London will arrive and is already nervous about meeting Aviana.

Her first impression of London is positive.

While London is using the restroom Aviana will tell Allen how nice London's tits are.

She's a little jealous that they're natural unlike her big fake titties.

Aviana still thinks hers are nicer and will lift her top to give Allen a good look.

Since London is out of the room for a bit she'll start to give Allen a handjob.

As I've stated before they have a...unique relationship.

London will come back into the room and Aviana barely has time to stop jerking Allen's cock and put her tits away.

Later that night Allen and London are in bed when she wants to get a little romantic.

Allen is worried that his stepmom might hear them but London insists on giving him a blowjob.

While she's doing that Aviana will appear in the doorway and play with her tits and rub her clit with London being none the wiser.

The next morning Allen will go down to the kitchen to grab some coffee and find Aviana standing there completely naked.

He'll voice his concerns that London could walk in and see her like this.

Aviana will calmly explain that if London is to be a part of the family she'll have to get used to seeing her like this.

Since Allen is awake and Aviana is naked she'll decide to give him a blowjob.

London will awake and walk into the kitchen catching Aviana fellating Allen.

She's confused so Aviana will take her aside and have a little heart to heart chat.

Aviana will explain the unique relationship that she and Allen have and London appears to be receptive to this information.

She's also receptive to Aviana performing cunnilingus on her.

Now that London is part of the family all three of them will engage in the following: blowjob, doggy style, cowgirl,
reverse cowgirl, and missionary sex.

Allen will give London a fake vaginal creampie and Aviana will lick the "cum" out of London's pussy.

Welcome to the family London!