[Perv Mom] Misty Meaner - Sex Coupons

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Description: Since his dad can't give his stepmom Misty her Mother's Day gifts he'd like Carlos to present them to her.

If Carlos does that he can use the car the next weekend.

Carlos isn't really that crazy about his stepmom but will honor his dad's wishes.

Misty will enter the room and Carlos will give her the gifts that his father bought.

While she is opening them he'll try to find a place the two of them can have lunch at.

The first gift is earrings...Misty knows that it's from her husband because he knows that her favorite color is green.

Carlos is still looking at meal options and is barely paying attention.

Misty will assume that the next present is from Carlos.

Opening the box she'll find some lingerie and a book of coupons.

Coupons that can be redeemed for sexual favors.

She loves it...

Carlos suddenly realizes that it's a mistake and both of the gifts are from his father.

Misty is not paying attention to Carlos as he explains the mix up...she's too captivated by the contents of the coupon book.

She wants to redeem one of the coupons right now.

Misty will pick the one that is good for a sensual massage.

Carlos is still yammering on about the gift being a mistake but Misty wants that massage.

And she knows that Carlos promised his dad that he'd take care of her on Mother's Day so he could have the car next weekend.

Since she's basically blackmailing him, Carlos will give Misty a good back massage.

The coupon said a sensual massage so Misty will expose her tits and oil them up so Carlos can rub them.

But that's not enough for Misty so she'll grab his hand and guide his fingers into her wet pussy.

As she is reaching climax Carlos, uncomfortable with these turn of events, will suddenly leave the room.

The next day Misty will confront Carlos in his room as she flips through the coupon book.

She rips out a coupon and declares that it's redeemable for face sitting.

And with that she'll strip naked and ride his face.

Eventually that will lead to them being in the 69 position with Misty getting an implied oral creampie from Carlos.

Later that day Misty will return wearing the lingerie that Carlos "bought" for her.

And she's gonna redeem one last coupon.

This one is for...maximum pleasure.

Carlos isn't sure what he's in store for but Misty will show him.

She'll show him by engaging in the following with Carlos: blowjob, 69, doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex.

Carlos will cum on her stomach and that's the end of Mother's Day 2023...but Misty isn't finished.

She knows that he's got more cum for her and will ride him cowgirl style until he gives her a vaginal creampie.