[Perv Mom] - Katie Morgan - Analversary Surprise

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Description: Katie is planning a very special anniversary surprise for her husband.

This leads to a few problems.

One is the fact that her stepson Austin has caught her in the midst of planning it.

The second is that her surprise is letting her hubby perform anal sex on her.

The second problem is only a problem because Austin caught her watching anal porn on her phone with her pants down and wondering what to do with giant butt plug she's holding.

Once Katie explains that she has no clue what anal is all about Austin will guide her along the path to true enlightenment.

First off...ditch that huge plug.

Austin will grab a small glass dildo to work her asshole in.

All he needs is some lube and...Katie has no lube.

No worries...Austin will use some spit that he'll generate by giving Katie a rim job.

Once that's done he'll work that dildo into her asshole until they realize that her husband is home.

The next day Katie will ask Austin for more help.

Katie wants to graduate to the butt plug and Austin is more than glad to help.

Gradually working it into her asshole things are going well until Katie notices that Austin has an erection and is masturbating.

Feeling that this is a problem she caused she'll give Austin a blowjob ending with an implied oral creampie.

Katie has been practicing with the butt plug but since the big day is coming up she'd could really use some actual anal sex just to make sure she delivers the goods for her hubby.

Not a problem...Austin is here to help.

Katie will strip naked and they'll engage in the following: blowjob, missionary, anal missionary, anal doggy style,
and anal reverse cowgirl sex.

Austin will shoot a load of fake cum on Katie's asshole and her hubby will be very happy on his anniversary...
...he might even cum for real too.
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