Korina Kova - Single Moms Wanted - The Casting

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Description: Solo with mom roleplay, she shows cleavage, tits, uses a dildo to give virtual blowjob, titfuck, doggy, missionary, ends with fake cum on her tits.

I am a single mom and am stressed that I will loose our house if I do not come up with some funds, so this morning I get up early make my coffee and start my craigslist job search, when I come across an add for EASY MONEY for just an interview about being a single mom I respond immediately.

When I arrive at the studio everything is going fine but once a few questions are out of the way things take a turn and I am offered $1000 to make him cum, full sex scene.

And then I am back home preparing dinner when you my son arrive home to find an envelope when you open it you find a picture of me covered in cum with the back saying "She made me cum....can she make you cum too?"

You are angry and throw the picture at me and decide to persuade me to make you cum as well and then the pic will be destroyed with no one else seeing it

This is a hot taboo theme movie so hope you enjoy