[Perv Mom] - Jasmine Daze And Alyssia Vera - BJ's For A's

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Description: That's why he's failed his math class and has to go to summer school.

He'll try to console himself by masturbating but his stepmom Alyssia will barge into his room.

She'll inform him that he's going to shape up and apply himself in order to pass this class before his dad finds out that he's failed.

Conor just wants to finish masturbating but Alyssia is having none of that.

She was able to get her friend Jasmine, who is a teacher, to help Conor with his studies and if he does well Alyssia will reward Conor later that evening.

Conor's first session with Jasmine gets off to a bumpy start because he can't stop looking at her big natural tits.

He has a thing for teachers.

Jasmine's cool with that and pulls her tits out as an incentive for Conor to study.

Later on Alyssia will enter Conor's room to thank him for having a productive study session with Jasmine.

Conor is, of course, masturbating but Alyssia will reward him with a handjob and blowjob to completion ending with an implied oral creampie.

The next day with Jasmine will find Conor stumped with a difficult math problem.

No problem at all...

Jasmine will again expose her huge natural hangers and let Conor finger her trimmed pussy until he eventually arrives at the correct solution to the problem.

Later that evening and Conor will get another reward from Alyssia before his big exam tomorrow in the form of another blowjob.

The next day finds both Jasmine and Alyssia congratulating Conor for passing his math exam.

All three will celebrate by engaging in the following: blowjob, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex.

With Alyssia's help, Jasmine will give Conor a tit fuck to completion with his cum decorating her tits much like the gold stars she put on his math tests.
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