Helena Price- Massage with my Hippie Stepmom

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Released: 7/17/20

I am not super excited to spend the weekend with my new stepmom...At least she's hot, even though she's a hippie. My friends say that hippies don't shave, I wonder if my stepmom has a bush!

Anyway, she is making me stay at her massage therapy office and do homework, which is whatever; I know Step-Dad will let me go out when he gets back. My stepmom offered to give me a massage at the end of the day, and I really like the sound of that, so I am working hard to get ahead on my school work so I can hopefully get in extra good with her. I can't help it, she is so hot!

At first, I was trying to be good, laid out on the table with the towel covering my bum. Yet somehow her touch, and the sight of her pretty fee under the table, was making me so hard, I thought my boner would pierce through the cushion. Thankfully she asked me to turn over; it was starting to hurt!

I could not keep the towel on for the life of me; my boner was too big, so when stepmom turned around, she was in for a big surprise! All the better I thought, maybe she will get turned on by seeing it!

At first she was embarrassed, but then her motherly instincts kicked in. I played innocent and begged her not to tell Step-Dad!

Her concern for me growing up with a good body image, without shame, had overridden her initial feelings of embarrassment, and I got to enjoy the rest of the massage, guilt-free...Didn't get to find out if she really has a bush, but we have all weekend! This hippie stuff isn't so bad after all!

Today I worked extra hard to help Step-Mom at her massage office AND i got all the homework done! I know that if I can push it just a little farther, I may get in ever better with my stepmom.

Today things were even harder when I started laying on the table face first because I was already hard in anticipation of feeling Step-Mom's soft hands all over my body. When I could not stand the intensity of my boner being smashed between my body and the table any longer, I asked Step-Mom if I could turn over.

Once I did turn over, she could see immediately why I was having trouble. I knew that moment was my chance to ask, so, even though it was bold, I innocently asked my stepmom if she would be able to massage me there too. Her desire to have a good relationship with me (and maybe her slutty desires) made it an easy yes. Her hands felt even better wrapped around my cock, working it the was she was! It took every ounce of my discipline to not cum right then and there, and I held out for Step-Mommy...There she was in her silky robe with her pretty face right next to my cock, giving me an even better handjob than I can give myself! When I finally unloaded, she was really surprised at the size of my load. Next time, I hope she will suck it out of me! I think I am really going to enjoy being her special helper;)

This weekend my stepmom has me again, and I have not stopped sucking up to her. I am really hoping that today she will want to 'suck up' to me after work!

I have taken it upon myself to clean the whole rest of the office while she was working. Now that Step-Mom has no worries, she can concentrate on me. I know that she was hungry for it, but wouldn't cross the line without some convincing. I have been starving to see her naked, and I know I can finally ask. She is really 'free-thinking-' anyway so that was a breeze. And alas, she does have a hairy bush; I always wondered what that would feel like!

She doesn't hesitate to start massaging my horny cock, but I want more, than her hands. Once again innocently, I ask if maybe since I have been so good if she would not mind using her mouth. I could see right through her initial reaction of outrage, to the layer of truth hiding beneath, her raw primal desire for my dick!

Now I know why Step-Dad married this lady! She caresses the head with her tongue while working the shaft with her soft, strong massage therapist hands. She fucks her own face with my cock and swallows my load whole! None of my girlfriends ever did that before, but thats ok, because I am making my Step-Dad's wife into my girlfriend!

The next encounter with my new stepmom came at the end of the weekend: with a surprise...My thought was that I would surprise her by offering to be the one giving her a massage. I know, if she feels relaxed and turned on enough, that I might finally know what its like to go hunting in that bush of hers! I guess she was two steps ahead of me on the surprise idea because, instead of her usual hippie robes, she came out wearing black lingerie and stockings!

I still offered to massage her; I wanted to make sure to see my plan through. Soon enough, she was on the table. I concentrated on the sensation of my fingers on her soft skin, and I could feel her shudder and tingle with goosebumps. As I caressed her thighs, I pulled her panties aside. I could feel the heat and moisture emanating from her pussy as I moved my fingers closer. I could feel her juices spilling onto my finger in just that one motion. I guess Step-Dad has not been taking care of her needs...That is ok because thats what I'm here for now!

This was the point of no return. I knew that soon I would feel my solid boner slide into my stepmom's wet cunt, and this, was the best feeling in the world...ever! I took my time and concentrated, because I wanted to make sure step-mom would come back for more. I could feel her pussy grabbing my dick like she wanted to keep it for herself! I couldn't believe she was more than ok with me filling her up with my fresh load. Now this is the perfect situation; I have in-house pussy and Step-Dad will never find out!
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