Former Cop Fucks Her Son's Best Friend - Bella blonde (Bella Young)

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Description: Bella Lexi is a 47-year-old wife and mom who got a lot of attention when she left her job as a police lieutenant in Colorado after a female colleague ratted on her for having an amateur adult website. Here, she's in bed, tits out, playing with herself, thinking she's all alone. But she's not alone. Her son's best friend has been watching her, and although he should quickly turn and leave, the sight of Bella's big tits and available pussy keeps him around. Before long, his cock is in his friend's mom's mouth and then it's in her pussy. Bella is married with children. She had a 26-year career in law enforcement before she retired. Seriously, we have no idea why a person can't be a good cop AND fuck on-camera. Are you telling us a woman can't say to a perpetrator, "You're under arrest," then go home and fuck for our viewing pleasure? Preposterous? How often do you have sex? Bella: Daily. Sometimes more than once a day. I can't get enough! What gets you off? Bella: Oral sex with fingering and deep vaginal penetration from behind. Do you like to be watched while having sex? Bella: Absolutely. It's such a turn on. I've had sex with my husband in sex clubs.